Bug Rangers animation series


Meet Squiggz, Flutter, and Cosmo in this action-packed faith-based CGI animated series. They’re skinning their knees one day and soaring to heights they never imagined the next. But most importantly, they’re grappling with the truths that all kids need to know in order to survive in the big wide world that lies beyond the warm, wooden planks of their own kid-summer boardwalks. They explore the world around them. And as always, when challenges
arise, Grandpa Lou and Nana are there to teach the Rangers the best way to overcome any difficulty with Bible stories to build their character and faith.


A NEW family-friendly rom-com series inspired by the annual Mayberry Festival. All the fun and quirky characters of old Mayberry in the modern-day world, including Hollywood!


Starring John Schnider and Chonda Pierce with a cast of 24 singers and dancers. A two-night Broadway-caliber musical filmed before a sold-out audience at the 1,500-seat Blue Gate Theater. Based on the bestselling Amish romance series by Beverly Lewis, with 30 million books sold worldwide.


Are you beautiful enough? A young woman who has always believed she is not pretty enough to embark on a journey to prove she is beautiful and, in doing so, finds out what true beauty is.


Tells the true story of First Baptist Leesburg, Cecil Johnson, and the Samaritan Inn, which is a heartwarming story of hope and redemption. Following news reporter Brandi Michaels as she covers a story on a church’s struggle to purchase a motel for homeless families during the Great Recession. She is transformed by the selflessness of the people she meets and her coverage of the story helps the church overcome opposition. Her article becomes an award-winning piece, inspiring other communities to help homeless families. NO VACANCY is not only a story of personal transformation but also a testament to the power of journalism to effect change.

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